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A lot of Sherlock (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch, a bit of photography/fashion, and a few other scattered things.

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I drink tea like you breathe air and eat hashbrowns like there's no tomorrow.

I met Benedict Cumberbatch at OzComicCon Adelaide on the 6th of April, 2014. He touched my shoulder. It was awesome.




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Studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at university.

Forensic and Analytical Science specialisation.

Majoring in biology, minoring in pathology, and dabbling in criminal law.

Undertaking my first year, second semester.

A friend and I made a Facebook page for some reason (I don't know why, to be perfectly honest), and would much appreciate it if you liked it!

Just another random fangirl

We decided to make the page a Tumblr account too. Another thing of which I'm clueless to the reasoning.

If we are mutuals, there is a remote chance I'll give you my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Skype.

Just send an ask, but I will be checking. And asking doesn't automatically mean I'll oblige.


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The war had made a man of him! It had coarsened him and hardened him. There was no other way to look at it. It had made him reach a point at which he would no longer stand unbearable things.